Logica Group of today is a team of professionals who are ready to perform the most difficult logistics projects and to successfully benefit  the clients, becoming thus a reliable partner.

      The company‚Äôs purpose is to offer high quality services in safe and timely transportation and by an optimum route. Our harmonious and competent staff will help you efficiently achieve your  purposes.

      An accumulated experience in the market of a cargo transportation and wide agency network will allow us to combine good prices and quality. We obtain these results thanks to a modern system of information processing and well-timed organization of the routine works.

      Main principles of our work are:

-         systematized performance and individual approach;

-         prevalence of quality;

-         flexibility and aspiration to find an ideal decision for the clients;

-         constancy and responsibility towards the customers and subcontractors.

     We are always open to clients and partners and we believe that together we shall succeed in our objects.


Logica Group is your reliable partner in the market of transportation and forwarding.